We are delighted to regularly receive unsolicited commendations such as these:-
  • "I should also like to comment on the unobtrusive way in which you carried out your work - thank you."
  • "The video is excellent and we would both like to thank you for the excellent service that we received."
  • "You did an absolutely splendid job....."
  • "..thank you for all the work you put into making our wedding video so special."

Client's letters
  • "Many thanks for your hard work on the day...we were particularly pleased with how well the fireworks come out."
  • "Dad never noticed you all day ....that seems to sum up how wonderfully discreet you were all day, and we didn't feel self conscious about the camera at all."
  • ".. we couldn't have asked for any better."
  • "The videos are absolutely brilliant. I think our parents watch it every day! we only watch it every other day!.."
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